The evenings are dedicated to the blues, with important artists coming on stage every night, both from the country and from abroad (USA, UK, HU, SRB, DK). As we aim to support and promote young talents, we have also invited young newcommers who have a great potential to develop, based on the recommendations of already established artists.

MUD MORGANFIELD is the headliner of the second edition. Larry “Mud” Morganfield is the first born of the famous American bluesman, MUDDY WATERS aka McKinley Morganfield. A second premiere for Romania is the presence in the festival of the British guitarist, MARCUS BONFANTI. The headliner of May 15, 2021 has a rich solo career, and since 2014 he has replaced Joe Gooch in the famous band TEN YEARS AFTER.

The third foreign premiere is JUMPING MATT & HIS COMBO from Hungary. Mátyás Pribojszki aka JUMPING MATT is one of the best harmonica players and a very good vocalist. “Matyas is an impressive virtuoso harmonica player and has an original style. He also has a very nice singing voice, and his band kicks the ass of many US bands! ” (Rick Estrin – USA). They will feature the experienced world class guitarist, A.G. WEINBERGER.

The second edition of the festival also comez with new Romanian surprises. We keep our promise to invite talented newcommers, and in 2021 the role belongs to WATZZY (Watzatka Robert) from Brașov, who comes with a new project that we are sure will live up to expectations! We also welcome the presence of the talented guitarist Roxana Stroe, the daughter of the late drummer, Corneliu Stroe (FOXY LADY BAND), together with the remarkable British musician GILES ROBSON. The duet BLUE MONDAY MINISTERS, comprised of Cătălin Tzetze Rădulescu and Andrei Rotariu, will take us to the archaic origin of acoustic blues. The new sensation of the Timisoara blues, AXiS (Silviu Dan Iliescu, Dejan Kotarčić and Ranko Varga), is the guest of the last day of the festival. Farkas László, Kiss Attila, Teodor Pop and Borbély Szilárd will take the stage as QUO VADIS, another famous Romanian group of the 90’s

THE GAMBLERS band from Sr. Mitrovica – Serbia, will perform a varied and unique style of soul with rhythm & blues infused with swing. We’ll also welcome remarkable bands from Bucharest , like BAICEA BLUES BAND (George Baicea, Cătălin Răsvan and Nicu Georoiu), OXIGEN (Bogy Nagy, Eugen Caminschi, Gelu Ionescu and their admirable rhythm section, Mugurel Deaconescu and Lucian „Clopo” Cioargă) and BLUESCORE (Raul K Höfer and the American ‘Liviu Pop), which have in their composition musicians with personality, usual guests of our blues scene, who will complete the bluesistic show at the foot of the Stone of the Falcons.

DAY #1 – 14.05.2021

DAY #2 – 15.05.2021

DAY #3 – 16.05.2021