#TGBF 2021


The ACCENT GeoEcological Organization, in collaboration with Mayor’s Office of Băile Tușnad, invites you to the “Tusnad Gastro Blues Fest 2021“. The event is driven by the desire to promote both the blues, a musical genre appreciated by the elites, and the area as an ecotourism destination, together with the local gastronomy. With a first edition organized in exceptional conditions, the festival aroused a lively interest among both the knowledgeable public and the media. This, together with the enthusiastic support received from the local community, encourages us to move forward with the second edition of #TusnadGastroBluesFest, which will take place between 14 and 16 May 2021. Even if these times seem set to teach us that there are no certainties and the rules change from day to day, we refused to let the dream that means Tusnad Gastro Blues Fest die! Encouraged by the avalanche of positive reactions to the first edition, we are stubbornly set to offer you unique musical and culinary experiences,. Therefore, the artists, partners and the whole team join forces again for #TusnadGastroBluesFest to continue in 2021.

Set in a natural setting of a special beauty, Tusnad Gastro Blues Fest is an event that harmoniously blends live music and gastronomy in a unique concept, generating intense sensory experiences, while offering the ecotourism destination Baile Tusnad and its surroundings the belonging to a cultural community with which it resonates, without the need to travel long distances to benefit from it. During the 3 days of the festival, in addition to the blues concerts, the guests are invited to enjoy delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs, who will unleash their imagination, cooking whatever they want on the theme “Rediscovering the tastes of yesteryear”. At the same time, throughout the concerts, traditional Szekler dishes will be served, including paprika, goulash or Szekler cake (kürtőskalács) and langoustine. Daily, between 12:30 – 14:00 and 15:00 – 16:30, you are invited to a WINE TASTING presented by the sommelier Bentea Robert-Claudiu, combined with a GASTRONOMY session by tasting the dishes made and presented by the masters cooks. The festival will also host a PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION, with images from the first edition, captureds by photographer Adrian Mociulschi. The evenings are dedicated to the blues, with important artists coming on stage every night, both from the country and from abroad (USA, UK, HU, SRB, DK). As we aim to support and promote young talents, we have also invited young newcommers who have a great potential to develop, based on the recommendations of already established artists.


ecotourism, wellness, gastronomy and blues

  • the only volcanic lake in southeastern Europe: Lake Saint Anne;
  • hundreds of mineral water springs for drinking and bathing;
  • bear hides made by one of the most renowned nature photographer in the world;
  • the place where the beaver (Castor fiber) returned;
  • traditional Szekler food;
  • Szekler gates and fortified churches, symbols of the Szekler culture;
  • many active recreational options.

Under the brand DISCOVER ECO-ROMANIA, Băile Tușnad and surroundings is part of the 7 ecotourism destinations that offer numerous products and services that are available for nature lovers, for example outdoor movement, gossips with locals and tasty food.

More details on how to plan an ecotouristic holiday: www.bailetusnad.eco